Appareil Automatique

Appareil Automatique


A. Molteni

French, active ca. 1875

lens by J. Fleury Hermagis

French, 1855–1920s

Appareil Automatique

Wood, metal, cloth, leather, and glass
Overall: 5 1/2 × 6 7/8 × 10 1/4 in. (14 × 17.5 × 26 cm)
Gift of Eastman Kodak Company, ex-collection Gabriel Cromer
DescriptionBox camera for 9x12 format, with lens #23503, ground glass and built-in bag. With 6 glass plate negative holders.
Inscriptions Engraved in metal, left side, mechanism plate, B: Appareil automatique \ A. MOLTENI \ CONSTRUCTEUR \ 44 rue du Château d'Eau \ Obturateur Groult \ Bté S.G.D.G.
Engraved in metal, left side, focusing scale, C: Distances \ Divisions \ Lointain \ [meter scale, numbered scale]
Engraved in metal, lens barrel, C: Apl No 7 \ HERMAGIS \ Optn. Fabr. Bté s.g.d.g. Paris No. 23503
Stamped in wood, ground glass frame, BC: 1-9

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